Cyber Duty of Care has been written by EJ Wise and is available as an immediate download via this link (no registration required).

EJ Wise is Principal at Wise Law ( in Melbourne, providing specific and assured cyber law advice to law firms and legal professionals.

Specialising in cyber law, privacy, technology, cyber stocktake, cyber risk assessment and cyber education, Wise Law provides strategic and operational consulting regarding cyber risk management and preparedness, incident/breach response, information governance, data privacy, government and internal investigations, e-discovery, records and information management, ethics, and emerging technology/innovation.

Prior to working in private practice, EJ had 25 years legal experience in Australian Federal and State Government, specialising in cyber law, policy, advice, international law, administrative & criminal law and is an internationally recognized cyber law expert.

EJ’s passion for cyber began in 1987 studying computer programming as part of an undergraduate Applied Science degree. Years working as in-house cyber legal counsel to the Royal Australian Air Force’s cyber squadron, as well as years working within the United States Air Force’s Operational, International & Cyber Law in the Pentagon led to EJ’s decision to specialise in cyber law.

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