Book review by Peter Frankl.

Here is a book that has been written by insiders and tested in the real world. If you diligently follow its precepts, it will lead to marketing success in a professional services practice.

To be clear, the authors are not guaranteeing success if you buy their book. I’m the one making claims about success, as someone who has read the book and believes in what I’ve read.

The book contains 1,230 precepts, rules, advices or tips. Any of these terms could be used.

If you follow these precepts on marketing and business development then the client-work will be flowing in.

The title of the book is Social Media is Not Enough. As a lawyer or other professional services provider, I’m sure you would agree with the title’s assertion. In some practice areas, social media has become an important element for success but it is almost never all that is required. 

1,230 rules for success sounds like a lot of rules. But who said success was quick or easy. I’d be a lot more sceptical if it was five rules for success. Much of my confidence in these rules comes from being in professional services myself and noticing how the content in the book connects the dots of my own personal experience.

Even more of my confidence in the book comes from knowing the track records of the authors and the time they put into producing this work.

The authors are Mark Vincent and Margot de Groot. The de Groot name is synonymous with one of Australia’s best known and most successful wills and estates legal practices.

Margot de Groot is the founder and a Director of de Groots Lawyers and has more than 30 years experience practising in the areas of estate planning, deceased estate and trust administration and estate litigation.

Mark Vincent is the founder and a Director of Insight Plus, a boutique consultancy specialising in facilitation, mediation, and executive education. Insight Plus is in its 22nd year and has a long list of blue chip clients across many industries. Mark Vincent is on the Advisory Board of de Groots Wills and Estate Lawyers. He is also an ordained Anglican priest.

The book has been 12 years in the making. It is written in a concise style. Its format is purpose-built for the time poor professional. It is not a book of stories or case studies. It just tells you what you need to do. It is easy to imagine, when reading the book, that each of the 1,230 precepts have a history behind them.

If the authors had tried to include the background to every one of their hard earned insights, the book would have been thousands of pages long. Instead, it is 321 pages in the paperback edition. It also comes in hardback and electronic editions.

The business successes of the authors are on the public record. In this work, they’ve kept the tears of joy and the tears of pain to themselves and given the rest of us 1,230 rules for marketing success in our professional services businesses.

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