When large law firms send an electronic document to a client or to the other side’s lawyer or to anyone outside the firm, they will invariably use specialised software to clean the document of metadata.

Classic examples of metadata are the information contained in document properties, comments or tracked changes in Microsoft Word documents. If you have ‘borrowed’ a document which you use as a template then there is a good chance that its properties will show the original source.

At best, the inappropriate disclosure of this type of information can cause embarrassment and at worst, result in financial loss and a professional negligence claim.

Five out of six of the largest law firms in Australia use Workshare software to manage this risk. You could easily jump to the conclusion that this type of software is therefore expensive and out of reach of small law firm budgets. The reality is quite the contrary.

A single user annual subscription of Workshare Professional is only $270.00. It can be purchased online and self-installed. There is even a free 14 day trial.

Recently, Matthew Moore, Workshare’s Regional Director, Asia Pacific and Ryan Reyes, Senior Sales Engineer, Asia Pacific sat down with Legal Practice Intelligence for a briefing on how small law firms can use Workshare Professional to control metadata risk and take advantage of its document collaboration features.

The briefing was at the request of Legal Practice Intelligence with the objective of answering the question: ‘Do small law firms really need such software?’  Read the results of the review here.