Paul Psaltis interviewed by Legal Practice Intelligence

Legal Practice Intelligence (LPI) interviewed Paul Psaltis (PP), General Manager of Smokeball, upon news that 200 firms and 700 active users have adopted Smokeball in the past 11 months.

LPI: Why are firms choosing Smokeball?

PP: Conveyancing professionals love the features and the support we offer: features such as easy settlement financials and integrations with Microsoft Office, PEXA and InfoTrack.

The support team consists of industry experts and ex-conveyancers who have walked in their clients’ shoes. Their approach to support is dynamic – with awareness of system issues and customer feedback so fixes and improvements are made swiftly.

Their commitment to helping their clients has consequently had a positive flow-on effect, with happy clients referring Smokeball to their peers.

LPI: What do firms like about the settlement financials?

PP: Market research concluded that much of the industry found settlement financials complicated and clunky, such as having to switch back and forth between screens and programs. Smokeball addressed this by providing just ‘one place’ to prepare and see all your adjustments, cheques and amounts required to settle.

LPI: What are the benefits of the current integrations that Smokeball offers?

PP: Smokeball’s seamless Office integration allows users to continue using systems they are familiar with, like Word and Outlook. However, they gain great benefit from having their matter information merging into their forms and precedents. In addition, all incoming and outgoing emails are instantly captured in Smokeball, in a single location.

In addition to having a direct link to PEXA within a matter, all matter information will pre-populate into your PEXA workspace. This will save you up to 30 minutes of administration time.

Smokeball integrates with InfoTrack which delivers search results and disbursement charges directly to each matter – eliminating data entry and avoiding missed cost recovery.

We know our clients are time-poor. Time equals money, so our entire company keeps this top of mind, ensuring clever data automation is used wherever possible.

LPI: How much does Smokeball cost?

The entire system is provided for $1,000 per year per firm. You can download Smokeball on as many PCs, phones and tablets as you like and benefit from live data synchronisation, so your team members can work from any location simultaneously without any delay.

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