By InfoTrack

As you delve deeper into your career, it can be hard to take time to attend conferences or training to further yourself and expand your business potential.

So, if you don’t feel that you have time to develop yourself, why not do it for your firm? Here are three reasons why professional development can help your firm.

  1. It gives you new ideas to grow your firm

Collaborating with colleagues and getting out of the office into a new environment, gives your mind the space to become more creative. When you bring inspiration and new ways of doing tasks back to your workplace, you can inspire others and push yourself and your business further and further. Professional development allows you to make a more meaningful contribution to your team.

With you in mind, InfoTrack has developed a new seminar series called Cultivate 2019. Cultivate offers the unique opportunity for you to learn how to implement growth strategies for your own firm to meet your clients’ needs.

Cultivate 2019 will travel to Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne in September and October. This is your opportunity to learn from your peers and network with practitioners from all sized firms to nurture your business and grow through change. Cultivate offers 3 CPD points to all attendees making sure that your time is not wasted, and you can keep your personal development moving forward.

  1. It keeps you up to date on current legislation and standards

In the legal industry, it is a requirement to stay up to date with legislative change in order to still practice. This is why CPD points are so important. As such, taking time out to contribute to your own learning means you can stay ahead of industry trends and keeps you moving forward with your career.

  1. Clients have more confidence in you

Think about it – if you met a legal practitioner whose latest knowledge was from 5 years ago, would you trust their advice? Or would you be more inclined to speak with someone who has the latest information? Clients trust legal practitioners who have the most up to date information and rely on those practitioners to help them.

Professional development opens you up to new experiences, new skill areas and new possibilities to expand your business. With up to date knowledge you can help your clients and deliver with confidence.