Well known estate planning lawyers de Groots have rolled out a system that uses Artificial Intelligence to assist clients to start the process of preparing or updating their wills online, before they meet their lawyer.

Solicitors practising in the Wills and Estates field have seen a gradual encroachment of cut-price wills offerings over recent years. Many see those offerings as risky, as clients miss out on the issue-spotting and estate planning strategy that only an experienced lawyer can provide.

de Groots has made a move to regain the upper hand, via a partnership with Settify, a multi-award winning start-up that delivers Artificially Intelligent systems for private client law firms.

Dr John de Groot, Legal Practitioner Director and one of Australia’s foremost Estate Lawyers says:

“Settify will allow clients to get started on creating or updating a professionally drafted Will easily and efficiently online. The system responds to clients in real time, provides useful initial information, and uses intelligence to gather the client’s instructions. It won’t automatically produce a Will. Instead, it gathers all of the necessary information to have one of our wills & estates lawyers then draft a customised estate plan, including a Will, Power of Attorney and other important documents, that suits the client’s individual needs.

According to Settify CEO Max Paterson:

Modern Australians want convenience. They want easy, efficient service, and they want peace of mind. We think it is crucial that our generation receive the kind of bespoke, human expertise that only an experienced solicitor can provide, but that doesn’t mean lawyers should have their heads in the sand. We have split the estate planning process in two – clients can go through the background wherever and whenever it suits them, in a fast, efficient way. They then meet with their lawyer to discuss their wishes and receive a tailored solution to their estate planning requirements.

Dr. John de Groot outlines the following reasons to use the service.

  • Too many Australians don’t have a Will or Enduring Power of Attorney. This leaves them and their families vulnerable to unnecessary pain and uncertainty in the event of a loved one’s death or incapacity.
  • Clients need an experienced estate lawyer. Paper and online Will kits are often viewed as a cheap alternative to a Will drafted by a lawyer. But they aren’t a genuine alternative. An incompetently drafted Will can sometimes create more difficulty than no Will at all.
  • You want value for money. This tool will provide your lawyer with information required to start thinking about your situation and your estate planning needs. That means your time with your lawyer can be spent talking about important issues and making the most of the expertise available.

Settify will be made available to all de Groots clients when they book an appointment to see a lawyer. It is also accessible from the de Groots website at degroots.com.au.