Australian team, Anika Legal made it to the finals in New York but did not make it to the top four. There were two winners in each of the two categories:

Private sector category

Revealu from Hungary –¬†Your digital footprint.¬†Revealed.¬†Revealu makes it super-simple to request your GDPR data from providers such as Google, Facebook or anyone else.¬†

LexLucid from Denver, Colorado –¬†LexLucid‚Äôs mission is to make the fairness of online contracts public knowledge. Providing transparency helps consumers make educated decisions about the products and services they use, while motivating businesses to make fairer and simpler contracts.¬†

Public sector category

RightsNowApp from New York –¬†RightsNOW gives you trustworthy, consistent, and conversational access to legal information via voice. The legal information you access through RightsNOW is situationally relevant and relatable.¬†

Decoding Law from Hong Kong – “We aim to democratize law. We help people, especially the unrepresented litigants, by a machine learning powered browser plugin that helps people to read and understand legislation. It breaks down complex legislative drafting into simple language and explains defined terms, which is particularly useful to unrepresented litigants.”¬†