PracticeEvolve and Client Sense have partnered up to deliver a special edition webinar on 15 October 2020, around client relationship management for law firms and how to utilise existing client relationships to win more work in an economic downturn.

According to an expansive national survey, 60% of Australian mid-size law firms identified the unpredictable performance of the economy as the number one concern facing their business today.

It comes as no surprise that business development and relationship management, have undoubtedly become a paramount focus for many firms. In fact, according to the survey findings, following COVID-19 pandemic, investment priorities for many have changed drastically.

61% of those surveyed identified Business Development and Marketing as a top priority for FY21, with 41% stating they will dedicate more focus to client service and experience, as well as integration of new and existing technology.

Join us for a joint webinar which will focus on how to utilise PracticeEvolve practice management software in combination with Client Sense, to manage your firm’s new and existing client relationships end-to-end.

Angela Johnston (Business Development Manager at PracticeEvolve) and Steven Tyndall (CEO and Founder of Client Sense), will join forces to demonstrate how to utilise the PracticeEvolve and Client Sense platforms to:

• protect and grow revenue through the existing relationships the firm has
• easily build mailout lists, invite lists and manage events with up-to-date information
• manage your key clients, referrers and contacts

Presented by:
Angela Johnston – Business Development Manager, PracticeEvolve
Steven Tyndall – CEO and Founder, Client Sense

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